Guiding 34 millions Americans down the path to

Finish College

Coming Soon!

The Colleges of Distinction team is working very hard to launch Finish College, a new site to help the 34 million Americans that have some college credit—but no bachelor’s degree—find the right college to complete their degree.

The site will guide adult and nontraditional students through the many programs in the US, and show how it is still possible to get a degree in an efficient and rewarding way no matter what stage of life you are in.


Visitors will browse through our articles and self-assessments to find out what type of program will be right for them.

Fit Your Schedule

Finish College will help the nontraditional student find many options in program timing, content delivery, and affordability.

Deep Knowledge

We have used our deep knowledge of higher education to develop an extensive evaluation process that schools must pass in order to be listed.